English Conversation Club

On May 2nd 2019, English area had the first English conversation club. Students from 6th grade to 11th grade participated of this wonderful event.

In this event students could increase their English communication skills by improving fluency through regular practice of speaking activities;  expanding vocabulary through discussions, role plays, karaokes, pair works, and group works on various topics, and developing a solid of understanding of oral English communication,  as well as basic  structures, taught  through non explicit conceptual structure teachings, but through communication.

in this conversation club students could share experiences with some English-speaking natives from the united states of America. They talked and discussed some interesting cultural topics with CHAD ZAK from Pennsylvania, they sang and learned how to rap with DAVID ZARATE from Richmond and had fun with the exciting stories of Mr. kevin Donneys from New York.

That was a marvelous day!


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